Installing Ekowood is Simple and Easy!

Ekowood is designed with an easy to use tongue and groove or G5 construction, making installation simple and the end result a floor that will last for ages to come.

Part of the very successful engineered hardwood flooring system is the floating method of installation, however a direct stick installation may be more suitable to your situation. Your Ekowood dealer will be happy to provide further advice on installation methods, and technical advice.

A floating floor should be laid over a good quality underlay, which allows the installation of the wood floor over slightly imperfect sub-floors and provide acoustics, insulation and a limited moisture barrier. We recommend Eternity acoustic underlay, a leading underlay in the industry providing high quality acoustic performance under floating timber floors.

Download our technical brochure and Catalogue for in-depth information regarding installation.



*We recommend Ekowood to be installed by an approved professional installer to guarantee the 25 year structural warranty.