Ekowood presents a stunning range of hardwood flooring designed by nature itself and perfected with leading edge technology.


World class in every respect, Ekowood is quite simply the result of a manufacturer’s technical expertise, deep understanding of the variable properties of wood, and an ability to transform that wood into stable, functional and aesthetically desirable flooring. As a global market leader, Ekowood is revered within its’ own industry, and the brand Ekowood has become a symbol for high quality, drawing admiration and creating desirability across many continents.

Ekowood is manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards. In a world which is becoming more aware each day of environmental pressures on the very existence of our planet, we look increasingly to responsible governments and manufacturers to provide leadership and integrity going forward.

As a member of the Malaysian Timber Council, The National Wood Flooring Association of America and with accreditation to the Forest Stewardship Council, Ekowood leads by example. It’s very future after all, depends on the legitimacy and sustainability of it’s timber resources. Now the timeless beauty of a genuine wood floor comes with engineered stability, developed over many years and accepted as the benchmark by which the quality of all wood flooring is measured.

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